Climate Adaptation 2013

The NCCARF Climate Adaptation 2013 knowledge+partnerships conference brought together close to 600 delegates and researchers from across Australia to share their experiences. It was the third major conference hosted by NCCARF, which provided the opportunity to connect between the research community and the users of climate change adaptation information in Australia. Building on the success of the NCCARF-CSIRO Climate Adaptation in Action 2012 Conference, the successful delivery of $35 million in adaptation research and the building of formal research networks and informal adaptation partnerships, the conference was Australia’s pre-eminent event focusing solely on climate change adaptation for 2013.

What does climate change mean for Australia?

Of all the world’s developed nations, Australia is the most exposed to extremes. The storms and flooding of December 2010-January 2011 caused economic losses of $8.6 billion and insured losses of $4.3 billion. The increasing exposure of Australia to climate events in future will occur in many different ways, with mostly negative impact across locations, and with varying consequences for businesses, governments and communities.
Australia needs to commence preparations now to address these future climate challenges. Adaptation planning and implementation to cope with the growing effects of climate change will enable Australia to reduce negative impacts and to take advantage of any positive effects.

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