M2M Evolution Conference

The M2M Evolution (Machine-to-Machine) Technologies Conference is where network architects and network planners join speakers leading the charge to the massively mobile future. The M2M Evolution Evolution Conference is collocated with TMC’s popular INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference and IT EXPO in Las Vegas.

The Internet of Things and M2M are reshaping the healthcare services market to improve outcomes, lower costs and improve efficiency. Aeris Communications, the Made for Machines™ technology and service provider, is helping to drive a new generation of connected health solutions.

With its support of mission-critical applications, flexible pricing structures and robust wireless network coverage, Aeris delivers the most comprehensive and reliable connectivity service to the connected health market, including the patient monitoring, disease management, and home health segments. As a pioneer in the market, Aeris offers a number of benefits to drive the industry forward, including:

Improved patient monitoring through real-time data, tools and customized alerts.
A secure network for patient data (e.g. medical records) and privacy through its data transmission architecture, which enables safe transmission of health data over all protocols.
A proactive approach to helping customers, resulting in the rapid integration of devices and reduced operational costs.
Enabling medical device companies to deploy and manage devices globally, across any wireless technology, through a single portal and API.

For more information about Aeris’ connected health enabling solutions, see Aeris Communications website at: www.aeris.com

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