Atlanta festivals and events

Atlanta’s mild climate and plentiful trees allow for festivals and events to take place in the city year-round. One of them is The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race known as 10K. It is a 10-kilometer run held annually in Atlanta, Georgia on July 4, Independence Day. The Peachtree Road Race is the world’s largest 10 kilometer race (an estimated 60,000 participants in 2011), a title it has held since the late 1970s. The race has become a city-wide tradition in which over 70,000 amateur and professional runners try to register for one of the limited 60,000 spots. The event also includes a wheelchair race (known as the Shepherd Center wheelchair division), which precedes the foot race. In recent years the race also has a special divisions for soldiers stationed in the Middle East. The race attracts some of the world’s elite 10K runners and has served as both the United States’ men’s and women’s 10K championship.

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