Emirates rolls out free WiFi

Internet access in now available on all Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft equipped with the OnAir service. Emirates first launched inflight Internet access in 2011, with over half a million passengers using the facility throughout the past three years. The current offer includes:

Each passenger gets 10MB of data for free
An additional 600MB can be purchased for only $1
If you exceed that limit, you can purchase yet another 600MB for $1
All of Emirates A380s feature WiFi, while only some of Emirates’ longhaul 777s do.

Emirates Wi-Fi in the sky is a great start and the airline is also promising “to eventually enable passengers to have unlimited free access to Wi-Fi” at 35,000 feet. “We’ve always viewed Wi-Fi as a service and a value-added part of Emirates’ overall product, rather than a revenue stream,” said Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates. “Ultimately, we believe that on-board Wi-Fi will become a free service, and a standard that customers will expect on a full service airline, just like on-board refreshments and personal inflight entertainment.”

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